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Vector Law Group handles a wide-variety of appeals including business litigation, torts, breach of contract, commercial matters, corporate issues, construction, and property.

Please keep in mind that after a judge makes a ruling you generally have 30 days to file an appeal. In other words, time is of the essence. After the appeal is filed, you and one of our lawyers will put together a “record of appeal” with the appeal’s supporting information.

Civil Appeals

Civil appeals are usually decided on written documents, which include your brief (“appellant’s brief”), the opposing party’s response to your brief (“respondent’s brief”), your reply to the respondent’s brief (“reply brief”), and the written record. Once everything is submitted, the Appeals Court usually makes its ruling on the papers presented, but occasionally the Judges to set oral arguments where both sides present their case. It is therefore vital to have your briefs written by professionals.

Ryan the Lawyer will soon be offering appeals services in Charlotte!

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